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Home Remedy For Eczema

best home remedy for eczema

Home Remedy For Eczema

Natural ways to fight eczema- homemade research

Eczema- an infectious disease- research by experts

Whenever we hear the word eczema, the pictures of redness and patchy skin comes in our mind. The irritation and infection, which causes itchiness makes the affected area dry and prone to bacteria. This is why eczema has sometimes been termed as a contagious disease. One must consult a dermatologist before planning for natural treatment. The dermatologist will prescribe you some medicines which would help in reducing the effects of itchiness. Further, there are proven natural ways documented by researchers, though differences in views.

Natural ways to treat Eczema or Dermatitis

Dermatitis or the commonly known eczema is caused due to genital disorders, bacterial infection and etc. If you are not getting the desired results after taking proper medications, inform your dermatologist immediately either during after the medication period is over. There are also natural remedies which have been researched for decades, few of them have been discussed below:

Coconut Oil on your list- Make a habit of using coconut oil over the affected area every day. Apply this only when you are not allergic to coconuts or coconut oil. We often use the oil for greeting healthy hairs, supple and smooth skin and etc. It is also good for keeping your skin healthy and moisturised.

Homemade spray- magnesium and salt mixture- The mixture of magnesium and salt when applied over the oozing eczema, results in drying the skin and less itchiness. It is not possible for everyone to reside near the sea beach or ocean. For them it is the best way to make their own spray and apply it over the infected areas.

Probiotic rich foods in the diet- Probiotic drinks are good for a healthy gut and this is why it should be taken regularly for fighting against infectious diseases.

Avoid eggs if allergic- skin allergies, which are caused mainly due to eggs and other vegetables must be avoided as far as possible. It will reduce the burning sensation and itchiness too.

Apply lukewarm water to wash- You must wash the infected area every day (at least twice a day) with lukewarm water to wash away all the bacteria's and pat dry before applying the prescribed cream or lotion.

Dermatologist recommends prescription advisable

Do not make unnecessary issues or take unwanted actions when you get skin irritation or there are symptoms of eczema. It is not very difficult to notice the changes of your skin condition, especially when you get red patches, swelling  and irritation over a particular area. Make sure you visit a doctor during such situations instead of puzzling up things by your own. They would advise you a better prescription and sooner or later you will get the results. There are doctors who would also advise you the best home remedy for eczema  apart from their drugs.

Thus, not only chemical or drugs, you can also apply the above discussed homemade mixtures too for better treatment of eczema. Never forget to keep the infected area clean and away from nails; else it would become contagious and harmful.